Almond oil is high in zinc which aids in relieving skin rashes. Those with sensitive or very dry skin benefit from using sweet almond oil because of how quickly it penetrates skin.

Argan Oil is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. The high vitamin E content restores skin elasticity leaving skin plump and soft. It also helps with stretch marks and prevention.


Both oils help heal dry skin and protect it from external UV damage. Almond oil does this through its high vitamin A content and argan oil through its high vitamin E content.


Comes in 4 different fragrances:


Peaches & Cream

4 Divas Only: mysterious and dark floral scent with hints of Cabernet

Fresh Bouquets: Soft floral feminine scent with hints of jasmine and rose


This also contains avocado oil.

Lavish - Body Oil

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