Ollie Oil Butter was designed with natural hair in mind.


Enriched with moisturizing shea butter and argan oil, it acts as a heat protectant and conditioner. This Oil Butter will also work for dermatitis and other dry scalp conditions. This product will soften the hair immediately to make it more manageable and works well with protective styles.


This listing is for the Oil Butter not the dropper.


Can be used as a body butter, beard oil, and scalp treatment.


*Before using this on your body, please do a 48 hour patch test.*

Ollie Oil Butter - Hair Care

PriceFrom $3.00
  • African smooth shea butter (white), coconut oil, argan oil, Vitamin E oil, black castor oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, Vitamin C oil, aloe vera gel, cedarwood oil, fenugreek powder, biotin gel, ginger root oil.