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Hand-blended herbal leaves, roots, and flowers that soothe damaged skin, promote the growth of new cells, and increase collagen production.

Skin Herbal Tea supports the health and wellness of the largest organ of the body— the skin. This tea contains herbs with antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties to soothe damaged skin and fight free radical damage. Skin Herbal Tea promotes the growth of new skin cells with herbs that boost collagen synthesis, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—both purifying and hydrating the skin.


Burdock Root, Calendula Flower, Chamomile Flower, Dandelion Root, Lavender Flower, Nettle Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Rooibos Leaf


Floral, Light, Minty, Slightly Sweet

Skin Herbal Tea

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